🌟 Welcome to CBRA
Tonight (Wednesday 16th March) saw us welcome 12 new members to our Association. With another 4 new members scheduled to join next week – our future is looking bright!
Congratulations and welcome to the following members who are now part of our history, gaining their CBRA Membership Number and officially beginning their journey with CBRA:
》CBRA Member #864 William Brown
》CBRA Member #865 Hayden Cavell
》CBRA Member #866 Leon Condello
》CBRA Member #867 Khodar Diab
》CBRA Member #868 Mikayla Dib
》CBRA Member #869 Oscar Greenhill
》CBRA Member #870 Zakariah Harris
》CBRA Member #871 Abdul Jamleoui
》CBRA Member #872 Georgio Kairouz
》CBRA Member #873 Shaun Morris
》CBRA Member #874 Jason Riordan
》CBRA Member #875 Xavius Wilson
Our new members will be out and about during the trials learning their trade from our senior members and getting their experience up as we prepare for the 2022 season.
Best of luck to you all and we can’t wait to nurture you all in your refereeing journey!