Leo Randle Award


PICTURED: 2023 Leo Randle Award recipient Paul Archer with fellow Life Member Col Turnell

The Leo Randle Award is an extremely prestigious award in the Canterbury Bankstown Referees. Named after former Life Member and President,Leo Randle, this award is presented to a Member who has shown considerable commitment and efforts towards the association over a minimum of 25 years. All names below are deserved winners of this award. This award is chosen each season by the committee.


1998 Les Matthews
1999 Robert Garwood
2000 Robert Hunt
2001 Bryan Knight
2002 Tod Walker
2003 Peter Ryan
2004 Paul Archer
2005 Robert Styles
2006 Tom Healy
2007 Peter Longhurst
2008 Mario Cafarelli
2009 John McCormack
2010 George Elias
2011 Barry Ruttle
2012 David Abood
2013 Colin Turnell
2014 Glenn Jeffcoat
2015 Joe Attard
2016 Wayne Loveday
2017 Lionel Brown
2018 Richard Daizli
2019 Kim Archer
2020 Gavin Beecroft
2021 Barry Belford
2022 John Maarbani
2023 Paul Archer